After a gnarly fall in competition, a DUI, and moving in with her mom dashed her hopes for a spot in this year’s X Games, 16-year-old skateboarder Summer O’Neill is left with one last shot at redemption. But her fresh start is even harder than getting back on the half pipe: hours of community service, a party girl reputation she can’t shake, and life with a mother she hardly knows leave Summer scrambling. The very last thing Summer is looking for is a boyfriend, at least until she meets Sebastian Vega. Steady, unassuming, and self-assured, he’s everything she’s not. Before long, she’s sneaking out for midnight sandcastle building excursions and trading in her art class for private photography lessons with Bastian. But Summer’s past won’t stay behind her and Bastian has problems of his own – including a bleeding disorder that seeps into every aspect his life. While he pushes the limitations of his hemophilia, she is bound by the rules of probation. When the ramifications of her past crimes collide with his frustration, it may be more than their budding relationship can bear. With the next qualifier rapidly approaching, Summer has to own up to her mistakes if she wants to soar again. If she can’t, she’ll lose more than her second chance. She’ll lose her future—in skating, and with Bastian. Available from Bloomsbury Spark at these and other e-book retailers ISBN-13: 9781619637870 Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Publication date: 02/16/2016

When you wipe out in life, who helps you get back up again?

Catch up with Bria, Ben, Abby and the rest of the OHS gang in THE ART OF FALLING, book 1 in Oceanside High series available at e-book retailers now



 “There are no good people, only broken people trying to do the right thing.” the trick to landing
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