Oh. Hi. You're still here. Awesome! You really want to know more about me? Well, here's a blog post filled with pictures of me in high school. My husband didn't know my natural hair color when we got married. We met the summer after high school and even though I don't believe in love-at-first-sight (ok, maybe I do), that's basically what happened. You can read about that in a post I wrote for the YA Misfits call "Love At First Sight & Other (True) Lies." He's my rock. He's the reason I love writing romance. Sure, real life is messier than books, but that deep commitment and understanding is out there - and worth looking for. I blog a lot about love and family, especially balancing  family life with writing (hint: balance is impossible). I also have a few thoughts on the intersection of art and faith and how I, as a Christian, approach life and creativity through the lens of my faith. One time I even got talked into a panel on the subject, which is forever memorialized in a podcast. I'm totally not awkward at public speaking (I am). Speaking of being an awkward, I have a handy-dandy guide to social media for introverts. I've got 10 Self-Editing Tips for writers too, because who doesn't need more advice on writing? (You don't. Just write. And read. That's how you learn to write.) What else? I have a fish phobia. I read the dictionary for fun. I love music (and spent much of high school at concerts in dive bars), but I cannot play a note. I am so blessed to be able to write stories people actually read. Teenage girls have it rough. I hope my stories can give a little hope and inspiration in a dark, unforgiving world. Anything I missed? Just ask. I like emails.

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Bastian lowered his head to kiss her, 
a soft, sweet kiss like moonlight on the waves. “Thank you,” he said. “For what?” “For existing.” the trick to landing
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